MR. Lum Chee Yong Big's day off replacement / 啊勇大喜之日更换休息日

Dear Value customers,

We are please to inform that we will be open as usual for the coming Wednesday (12/2/2014) and close on friday (14/2/2014) to coelebrate our belove colleague Mr. Lum Chee Yong Big's day =)

Sorry for any incovenience cause =(

Please contact us @ +6012-7185569 / +601-3314309 for any other enquires.


我们将于二月十二日 星期三 照常营业, 于二月十四日 星期五 补休一天,以庆祝我们可爱的志勇哥的大喜之日=)如有不便之处,还请多多包含!


Published : 9-Feb-2014

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